Therapists & organizations

Practitioners and organizations listed on these pages have not been vetted by, and readers should exercise caution and research to ensure the credibility of therapy facilitators and clubs For more information, see resisting abuse in groups.

Finding a practitioner with psychedelic experience

If you are in a metropolitan, coastal, or otherwise medically progressive area, it is possible that psychedelic integration specialists are operating nearby. Directory pages are one way of searching for professionals:

When attending a psychedelic therapy event or retreat, it is important to ensure that the hosting organization’s reputation is in good standing and comes recommended by former participants and adjacent communities. Be sure to do adequate research in order to ensure a safe and optimal experience.[1]

Find clinical research trials

Clinical research trials on psychedelic drugs as treatment for various conditions are available in some regions. The following resources are recommended for learning about clinical trials in North America:

Find psychedelic groups, clubs, and meetups

If you find psychedelics useful and continue to be fascinated by their utility and potential, it may be wise to find a group of safely informed and like-minded individuals to share your experiences and ideas with. When searching for psychedelic groups, consider the following venues:

The benefits of joining a psychedelic group include:

  • making friends with related psychedelic interests such as consciousness, sciences, spirituality, metaphysics, etc
  • sharing literature and knowledge on psychedelic research and therapy
  • learning harm reduction techniques together, and coming up with plans for effective psychedelic sessions
  • telling psychedelic experiences and speculating together on their meaning
  • exchanging advice on bad experiences and learning from each other’s mistakes
  • discovering the many creative and professional interests that overlap with psychedelia, and exploring them together

Psychedelic groups should not be mistaken for clinical therapy settings or experienced retreat centers. Psychedelic groups sometimes serve additional purposes that, although not usually advertised, are realistically among their internal functions. Users should be aware of these, and exercise cautions when researching groups as appropriate:

  • exchanging sources and information on obtaining psychedelic drugs
  • finding a guide, psychedelic therapist, or group of individuals to take psychedelics with

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