Project Mission is creating freely-adaptable works to promote safe psychedelic practices. We aim to educate psychedelic users on clinical therapy protocols, complementary therapies, and avoiding abusive behaviors and exploitative organizations.

This mission is a response to the countless hurdles that psychedelic therapy faces in terms of both medical accessibility and social acceptance:

  • it is difficult to find qualified practitioners working in psychedelic integration, traumagenic and somatic therapies, transpersonal psychology, shamanism, and other traditions that address both traumatic and psychospiritual issues
  • mainstream psychiatry practices are under-informed about psychedelic medicine, creating a gap in patient knowledge and instruction
  • without proper instruction, psychedelic use can destabilize their user’s psychology. with proper instruction, they can offer great therapeutic value
  • existing clinical psychedelic materials are tedious to find and read, and do not possess the transformative spectacle that leads users to seek psychedelic drugs themselves
  • psychedelic advocacy groups too often overlook or promote risky practices, which commonly lead to a deterioration of organizational policy and abusive behavior
  • quality of drugs is limited by economic, geographic, and social factors; where trusted sources and testing options are not available, users may ingest of risky unverified chemicals aims to help address these shortcomings by creating Creative Commons-licensed materials that encourage safe, informed, therapeutic applications of psychedelic medicine and complementary practices. Our current works in progress include:

  • articles, which are concisely adapted from clinical, traumacentric, and historical sources
  • therapy & auto-moderation chatbot, an open-source Discord bot written in Node.js with various features: harm reduction instructions, DBT therapy prompts and worksheets, built-in index and directory search features, vote-based moderation, and several other things
  • psychedelic emoji collection, for self-expression
  • Psychedelic Session Coloring Book, an upcoming project to condense the articles into an engaging visual activity book

These projects aim to comprehensively cover precautions, safe practice, integration processes, therapist protocols, and other topics. Citations and additional instructional materials are suggested throughout, for anyone who would like to explore further sources.

This project does not intentionally adhere to any single organized ideology or tradition, but aims to provide the most relevant and effective instruction available.

If you would like to contribute to, please join us in our Discord chat.