Therapy Chatbot

Therapy & Harm Reduction Bot for Discord Chat

Guardian is our Discord.js bot for the Discord chat network, written in Node.js. This bot hosts an array of different commands and features to facilitate running a Discord chatroom which needs to meet the needs of users seeking cognitive or drug therapies. To test guardian in action, join our Discord server and experiment in the channel #bots.


Below is a list of currently-implemented features:

  • support for multiple server configurations
  • common server commands:
    • !ping – pings and retrieves network delay
    • !serverinfo – show usercount, server owner, and other information
    • !serverpost – post customizable embeds to server information channel as specified in server configuration. For creating custom embeds, we recommend leovoel’s tool on GitHub.
  • harm reduction:
    • !safety – displays safety information on a number of topics
  • for facilitating therapy practices:
    • !nvc – displays non-violent communication guidelines for use in arbitration
    • !dbt and !cbt – gives a listing of worksheets from Dialectical and Cognitive Therapy. User may then retrieve worksheet files, which are uploaded by the bot from a folder. Worksheet information is stored in a JSON file.
    • !cope – displays a list of different of coping strategies, which the user may then retrieve a random listing of by category.
    • !breathe – displays a guided breathing exercise .GIF
    • !visuals – displays random video from a playlist of visuals. Custom playlists may be added as JSON files
  • commands that search spreadsheets of information, provided as JSON files:
    • !library – search listing of library entries for research purposes.
    • !directory – search listing of organizations and groups
  • commands for fun:
    • !roll d20 – roll a die with any number of sides
    • !crystals – displays New Age information on a random crystal
  • support for adding custom server roles through commands
  • custom welcome messages for individual servers, user gating system based on introduction messages
  • vote-based user muting
  • various features may be limited by role access
  • logging for messages, server events, and invite code tracking

In order to gain access to our source code, please join our chatroom.


Future features which are planned to be included are: