Integrating Experiences

Psychedelic integration is the process of emotionally, mentally, and physically coming to terms with phenomena experienced while on psychedelics. When a trip goes well, this is usually a straightforward process of helping the patient comprehend any experiences they had, and aid in managing expectations that the session evoked.

Integration therapy is more often needed for trips which invoke strange, overwhelming, or traumatizing experiences. Sometimes the participant will need help making sense of events, interactions, memories, psychosis, visualizations, and other experiences that can overwhelm the mind and body. These can be reviewed in any number of therapy modalities, and emphasis should be placed on practices that aid in recategorizing associations to traumatic events.

Psychedelic guides are specifically trained in the use of these complementary trauma therapies as they are applied to adverse psychedelic experiences. If you are looking for someone that is familiar with psychedelic integration practices, refer to our page on psychedelic organizations and therapists.